Sebastian Zoepp – CEO

Sebastian Zoepp has a university degree in environmental planning. He grew up in Spreewald but always had a strong passion for travelling around the world. During his years of study in Hannover and Bristol (UK) he organized educational trips to the Philippines. Thus, he was able to combine his expertise on sustainable regional development with his joy of traveling.

Since then he is designing and implementing educational and touristic offers based on the regional natural and cultural heritage. As a trainer and certified interpreter he opens visitors eyes to the particular treasures
of his home region. In 2008, he founded the company Spreescouts and since then acts as its managing director.

Jens Hübscher – Scout

Since his studies of sports science in Berlin Jens always combined his passion for sports with the one for nature. He is a certified canoe guide and works as an instructor in all kinds of water sports. Due to is longterm work experience he is very well familiar with many of the rivers and lakes in Brandenburg including the Spree.

Jens is also a certified outdoor education teacher and has gained a lot of experience in instructing groups doing all kinds of teambuilding and outdoor activites. Whether you want to do some tree climbing, archery or construct a raft out of some ballons - he is your expert! Since 2011 Jens is part of the Spreescouts team and works as a tourguide and teambuilding instructor.

Ingolf Tessmer – event logistics & Scout

Born in Lübbenau Ingolf grew up in the heart of Spreewald learning all the details and meeting all the people only the local people can do. He easily knows his way around within the vast network of all the Spreewald rivers and canals. Thus, one can clearly state that Ingolf knows the Spreewald like the back of his hand.

With all the knowledge about his native region and his passion for showing people around he soon started to work as a professional punt boat captain and tourguide.  Since 2014 Ingolf is working as a guide for Spreescouts and a great helping hand for all our logistic issues.

Peggy Reindel – Scout

Peggy Reindel was born and raised in Saxony.
She says about herself: "For me traveling is an extension of the horizon - interactions, conversations, experiences add perspective to one's own life and inc
rease the personal point of view. You learn not to take yourself as important." Since 2003 she has been working as a tour guide for Meilhammer Hotelbus Reisen. She has many years experience as a bicycle tour guide in France. Since 2012 she is also guiding visitors in Spreewald for Spreescouts.

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