Sustainability in Our Company

We use sustainable corporate management (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) and product design at different levels, and strive to improve them continuously. Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic? Please send us a short message and we will call back!

Social and Environmentally Friendly Tourism

As a member of the travel association forum anders reisen e.V. we meet a strict set of criteria relating to the sustainability of our services and take part in the CSR certification of the association. Since March 2011 Spreescouts is awarded the CSR Seal of Tourcert and can thus make our own degree of sustainability transparent. You are welcome to download the current CSR report of our company here: CSR report (in German language).

Partner of the UNESCO
Biosphere Reserve Spreewald

From the very first day on Spreescouts has been supporting the administration of the Biosphere Reserve Spreewald and the concept behind this protected area. Therefore, Spreescouts continuously sensitises its customers for the protection of this unique cultural landscape.Since 2014 Spreescouts is an officially certified partner of the Biosphere Reserve Spreewald cooperating with the administration and other partners to maintain the natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Natural and Cultural Interpretation
Our offers are to be eventful for our guests and at the same time convey different aspects of sustainability vividly. To make this possible, our products are well thought out methodically and didactically. We draw on the education and communication concept of heritage interpretation, which is widely known in the UK and the USA. There it is successfully used by rangers of national parks for many decades in visitor services and contributes to the appreciation of the regions natural and cultural heritage. To ensure a continuous exchange with other companies and institutions using the the same concept we are a member of Interpret Europe - the European Association for Heritage Interpretation.

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